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In ONLY 7 Minutes, you'll learn...

How To Save $6,596.12
Per Police Vehicle, EVERY YEAR

And how to save 200+ hours of time
by outsourcing your police fleet management
for 98% less than the cost of hiring a fleet manager

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Does This Sound Familiar?

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Budget Cuts?

Is your department experiencing major budget cuts that make it difficult to manage your fleet?

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Fleet Needs?

Do you feel confident that you've optimized your budget to get the most for your department?

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Old Vehicles?

Are you tired of wasting your entire budget by fixing old vehicles that are on their last leg?

Learn the Proven Strategies for Revolutionizing Your Police Fleet

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Buying, leasing, selling, and managing fleet involves lots of questions...

We'll Show You The Secrets To:

  • ​Easily create a bigger fleet budget without needing approval.
  • ​Feel confident that you've optimized your budget to get the most for your department.
  • ​R​educe your maintenance costs by 90% every year.
  • ​Get your department top-of-the-line vehicles for a fraction of the price of a basic vehicle.
  • Essentially get a whole month of work off by saving 200+ hours fleet management
  • Become the hero by saving your town, city, and county thousands of tax payers dollars.

"Transform Your Department's Finances:

Uncover the Truth
About Police Fleet Acquisition, Liquidation, and Management"

What Other Municipalities Have Said

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“Really Nice Vehicles”

“Really nice vehicles, friendly service. Upgraded from our sedans to midsize SUV and it has been great. It feels good driving something this nice into work every day.”


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“Their commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. We've been working with them for a few years now and I couldn't be happier with their services.”


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Reliable and Efficient”

“MFS has proven to be a game changer for us.
We highly recommend their services to anyone in need of reliable and efficient fleet solutions."


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“The 'Easy' Button for Fleet Management”

“MFS removed the headache of getting bids from multiple dealers, making the process much more streamlined. Thank you, MFS, for making my experience a great one!"


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“Truly Hassle-Free”

"We were surprised by how easy they made it to fill our fleet. We got back so much time from not having to fix broken down cars anymore and schedule maintenance.”


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“Saved Our Budget”

"When I took over as sheriff and was faced with the daunting task of lowering our department's maintenance costs...thanks to MFS, we have saved thousands of dollars ”


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“Best Prices”

“As a fleet manager, it's essential that we have access to reliable vehicles at a cost-effective price. They [MFS] delivered on both counts and more! PLUS the vehicles we got are exceptional. 


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“Exceeded Our Expectations”

"MFS exceeded our expectations in every way. Not only did they provide us with cars we love driving, but we kept more of our budget for other important expenses”


How To Get Access

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You'll Continue Watching
The Videos That Will Take
Less Than 10 Minutes

Step 2

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Learn How To Save Yourself
From The Headaches
Of Getting New Vehicles

Step 3

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Get Free Estimate For Your Department

Sign-up For A Personalized Complimentary Fleet Advisory Session Afterwards

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We Promise It'll Be Worth Your Time!

If you watch every video and you don't learn at least one (1) secret tip on:

  • ​How to optimize your fleet budget for your law enforcement department​...
  • ​How to get top-of-the-line brand new vehicles for as low as $4,500 in annual premiums..
  • ​How to get back​ wasted time on managing your fleet...

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